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What Is a Notary?

Answer: A notary (or public notary) is a someone who is authorised to prepare and authenticate documents to be used abroad.

They are regulated by the court of faculties. In most cases, a signature from a notary is all that’s required to legalise an official document from the UK.

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What Is An Apostille?

Answer: An Apostille is a seal given by the UK Foreign Office. The seal is required by a number of countries across the world in order for them to recognise official documents from the UK.

The Apostille shows the relevant authorities that the notary or public official who signed the document was authorised to do so.

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What Type Of Legalisation Do I Need?

Answer: The type of legalisation that your documents require depends upon the country in which they will be used.

If your documents are to be used in the UK, all that’s required is that they are signed by a public notary. If your documents are to be used in a country which is part of the Hague Convention you will also need an Apostille. There are also a small number of countries which also require documents to be authorised by their consulate in the UK, most of which are in the Middle East.

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How Long Does It Take To Obtain An Apostille?

Answer: An Apostille usually takes 3 – 4 days to obtain. This can however be increased if you send and receive your documents by post. Our Apostille service allows you to receive you documents as quickly as possible.

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What Services Do You Provide?

Answer: We provide a full range of legalisation and notary services. Whether you need a notary, an Apostille or need your documents legalised by a UK consulate, we are able to do it for you hassle free, and at a very reasonable price.

Our legalisation services are very flexible. If your situation is a little out of the ordinary, please, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

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What Type of Documents Can Be Legalised?

Answer: Almost any document, whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, can be legalised with the signature of a notary or an Apostille.

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